My practice as a storyteller has been informed by my first encounter with oral storytelling some 40 years ago in a village in Cameroon, were I was moved by the power of the story to create a sense of community.

Drawing on that, the purpose of my storytelling today is to take people deeply into the world so that they experience being a part of it, in all its elements, both human and more than human. And from this to know our inter-connectedness, with all its wonder, mystery, grief and joy.

This applies, whether it be the written or spoken word, with school children or with adults, in workshop or performance. The endeavour to create a sense of connection with life and a belonging to place is rooted in the stories I tell.

“It was quite a terrific night, last night. I’m not sure you realise how powerful an experience it was for us all.”
. Richard Young School of Education, Newcastle University

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